Couldn’t mention HYDE in the last post without reviving my love for this.

How effortless it is for him to be SO FREAKING AMAZING.

Jonghyun covering L’arc “Driver’s High”! I flailed like a fangirl when I first heard it.

HYDE fan maybe? :D







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Bwahaha. Oh Gackt. <3

Bwahaha. Oh Gackt. <3

Happy Birthday, you beautiful sonuvabish. &lt;3

Happy Birthday, you beautiful sonuvabish. <3



44/44: All My Love

28th December 2011

I cried my eyes out when I saw this performed live.

Thank you for everything GACKT.

43/44: Graffiti

30th November 2011

I’ve always thought that the melody for the verses always reminds me of this (starts from 15s in). So epic. I think this is definitely one of the best of GACKT’s songs that he’s done for anime/TV/film/etc. Mainly because it doesn’t sound like he’s had any restrictions. Plus it’s not bittersweet depressing.

I talk about that a lot don’t I? How I always identified with his sad songs, but wish he did more upbeat ones. XD

Also: The end of this video is the best thing ever.

42/44: The End of the Day

14th September 2011

Yep. I threw some YFCz tracks in here, because in my opinion they still count. Though the band has already split up, they were still a huge project for GACKT and I love that they were able to take it as far as they did.

Haha, I started playing the video as I just started writing and caught one of GACKT’s insane faces. I don’t know if that’s what he’s going for, but it’s working. Yellow Fried Chickenz were an amazing chance for GACKT to travel more of Europe (and return to a simpler time of overtly sexual fanservice with a band member).

Also the hair.

41/44: Episode.0

13th July 2011

I love this music video. I know that it’s just copied identically from the original Vocaloid video that won the competition for GACKT to cover, but it’s just so ridiculously surreal. It’s the fact that it looks like they’re just pictures, but they still move ever so slightly. Really creepy.

And I love that GACKT picked the one song that sounded more or less like his own work. I think it’s just because he wanted to force himself into that really high section in the middle. Not that the chorus is easy to sing either. :p

40/44: EVER

28th July 2010

WAH! Memories! This single came out the week before GACKT played live in London for the first time and I appeared to be one of the few people in the audience that knew any of the words and about the hand shake thing. Even disregarding this, I still really love this track.

I also love the simplicity of this video (though it doesn’t really reflect the insanity of a real GACKT gig). I love the waistcoat on coat, the sparkly tear and even the hat. This is one time that stylistically GACKT managed to get it right. XD Watch me regret those words in 5 years time.

Whatever they say, never change your way.

39/44: Stay The Ride Alive

1st January 2010

Final track of the Decade trilogy. I think this one might be the best arranged, but the second one is by far my favourite (I’ve seen him sing it live before, so it kinda tops the others). However, I really like the chorus in this. Stay The Decade Alive would still have been a better title. OH HOW YOU ENGRISH.

I also want the GACKT perm back. I know a lot of the fandom didn’t like it, but I still like it better than the poker straight long hair. I guess we can all agree that it’s better than the YFCz hair coming up in a few videos time. XD

Be sure to listen right through til the end because of the hilariousness of the very last line. Surely it’s not just me that finds the ending ridiculous? Stay aliiiiiiiiiiiiive!

38/44: ZAN

9th December 2009

Another song for a franchise. It seems to be all GACKT is doing with his solo work recently. I say recently, though this song is three years old. It’s weird how quickly time flies by and the songs that were only just yesterday have just shrunk away.

Also, I can’t believe that I have almost made it through this entire discography. Back when I was a hardcore fan, I’d be listening to these songs constantly. Revisiting them has felt like talking to an old friend that you haven’t seen in years, are really glad to catch up with, but you ultimately feel the pull to rejoin your current life and leave them in peace with the time they came from.

37/44: Setsugekka (The End of Silence)

9th December 2009

This is my favourite single that has been released in quite a while. The instrumentation, lyrics and vocal performance are just so beautiful. I love the art direction for the video too.

I remember listening to this song on repeat on my iPod as I fell asleep for quite a few weeks after this was released. It touched me in a way that only Saikai ~story~ had done before it.